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Adorable Scholar Report for a Junk Journal Insert

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Scholar’s Monthly Report Journal Insert

This adorable scholar’s monthly report came from my shop The Alchemy Factory on Etsy. The listing comes in two different sizes: the one in the picture, is about 1 7/8in x 3 1/8in, and the larger size measures about 3 3/4in x 4 3/4in. I found the original book, which is from around 1910, and knew this would make the perfect junk journal insert. Today I’ll be showing you how to make the tiny one, cause who doesn’t love tiny things.

Scholar’s Monthly Reports

Print out your monthly report on whatever type of paper floats your boat. I used regular computer paper since you’ll be gluing the paper together, I wanted to keep it as thin as I could. Cardstock is an option but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a flat fold once I put everything together. Plus I wanted to sew it together and regular printer paper seems to sew together better than cardstock does. Cut out your parts and decide how you would like them to fit together. I did a ‘dry’ run by putting them together without glue and doing a flip through to see if I liked the way they fit together.

I glued these, backs together. I used UHU stic for the glue, but you can use whatever glue you have on hand. If you use wet glue like art glitter glue, I would use a paintbrush to brush it on. Make sure it is on even so you don’t get bubbles or puckering with the glue. The images are next to each other on the sheet.

I changed up the order of the way it was printed and did the bottom two next, for the middle of my little book. After these were glued together, I moved on to the final two.

After getting the final two parts glued together, I used a bone folder to press the fold in the middle. I placed them together and thought they needed a bit more aging.

After finding my trusty and well-loved Vintage Photo distressed ink, I took to inking up the edges and the middle fold part. I love using the makeup sponges for my inker. You get about 25 to a pack for five bucks by way of that Amazon link, or you could pick up a pack at the dollar store, whatever is easiest and more cost-effective for you. They seem to last for ages too. Unless your jerk, but adorable cat tried to make it his new toy and run away with it (which mine does daily, unless I remember to put it up somewhere safe). In the previous photo, you can see the slight difference the ink makes to the images.

Just sew down the middle with your sewing machine or you could even do a 3 hole pamphlet stitch or a thin line of glue down the middle. Use whatever makes you happy. If you have never done a pamphlet stitch, this would make great practice. You screw it up, just print out another one. This would be so cute in a school-themed junk journal. Or it could part of a cute gift for a teacher. The possibilities are endless!

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