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Stuffed Pocket with filled with Journaling Spots

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Good Morning Merry Sunshines’, or afternoon, or evening, or whatever time you’re viewing this. Happy Birthday Heather! I used one of these postcard papers for this pocket. After I printed it out, I ran it through the printer again using a coffee-dyed paper on the back. I cut it on the sides of the ‘Post Card’ part. After I got the paper where I wanted it, I folded it to showcase the ‘Post Card’ portion.

I print out the poison label, the Rolodex, and use a part from My Porch Prints mini file folder, I printed them all out on cardstock. Plus I cut a bit of the extra from the postcard paper for some more writing spots. I wanted lots of extra journaling spots for this pocket. It’s always nice to have extra journaling spots. I sewed up the sides with some green thread and so I decided to use forest moss to age up the sides of each of the journaling spots. If you notice in the above picture, the difference with and without the forest moss on the edges. Adding ink to the edges always seems to help things pop a bit more. Sometimes when you cut you’ll get bits of white on the edges and the ink helps give it a more ‘authentic’ look.

I added a bit of lace to the poison label since lace makes everything better. It’s two layers of lace that I stapled together. I love stapling things, it’s cute and lazy, my two favorite things, especially lazy, I love the lazy way.

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