An Easy Way to Make Your Own SVG File

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When my Cricut maker first came in, I wanted to make all the things and so did my husband. He found tons of things he wanted to make. Well really, he found tons of images he wanted to put on t-shirts. But we didn’t want to buy a ton of SVG files that might only be used once, maybe twice. So I needed to find a way to make the files for free. Since I’m not that computer literate I needed an easy way to make them.

I found pngtosvg.com and I’m so grateful to the person who made it. I put together this mini tutorial to help you use it. The website is free, but there are ads and sometimes those ads make it seem like they are part of the site. You can also donate to the site to Thank them for this wonderfully easy to use site.

See the ‘Drag & Drop a file Choose a file’, you’ll click that to upload your image.

I changed the colors to 1 for the Texas image in the first picture and for the Madge Gill art I used in the next picture.

After you choose your file, and changed it down to 1 color, you will hit the generate button and you’ll have your SVG file.

Then you download your SVG! Upload it to your cricut or whatever cutting machine you use that takes SVG files.

I had made the Texas file months back, that’s why I used the Madge Gill for this little tutorial. I’m not sure where my hubby found the Texas image, but if I figure it out, or someone knows, I would be happy to give them credit.

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