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Tri-Fold Pockets for Your Junk Journal

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You can never have too many pockets in your junk journals. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. These fit tags in perfectly for extra journaling spots.

To start off, you are going to cut a piece of paper (I used some coffee dyed paper for this example) 7 1/2in wide x 6 1/2in tall.

I used my scoreboard to score at the 2 1/2in and 5in mark, see the black lines. The lines are done along the 7 1/2in width side. This will be your tri-fold part.

Now turn your paper where it’s 6 1/2in along the ruler part of your scoreboard and do a score line at the 2 1/2in mark. This is going to be folded to make your pockets.

I used the EK Success 3/4in circle punch to make my thumb holes in the middle of each pocket. You could use whatever punch you have on hand. From here I trimmed the ends of the pockets, just a tad to help it fold better.

For this one, I glued the edges, see the lines? I didn’t let the glue dry before taking the picture. For the black pocket, I sewed the edges. You can decorate before doing your folds or after, it works either way!

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