Personalized Magnets, Use Up Those Small Bits of Fabric

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Sometimes I like practicing a new crafty technique before having a plan for that new to me technique. That’s how these Frida magnets came into the world. Years ago I wanted to print on fabric to make some jewelry pieces. I search the internet, since there was bound to be someone out there that has done fabric printing before I wanted to do it. (Please keep in mind, this was YEARS ago, I have had these for YEARS.) I discovered that you could print on fabric using wax paper. You cut your fabric, in this case it was muslin, and wax paper to 8.5in x 11in. Then you iron the fabric to the wax paper. The wax paper is supposed to give it a nice ‘hard’ base, like paper, to run through your printer.

Dude, I was so excited, the possibilities were endless! That was before I stuck my fabric/wax paper into the printer…… It printed fine for the start, then the movement of the printer started to move the fabric off the wax paper. So that was a mess. I tried and tried and finally had a full sheet of 1inx1in squares. I happily cut those out and there they sat. Cause that’s what I do. Start something, only to finish it years later.

Then my dear friend told me about Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Sheets, those things are worth every penny. When I started making Dammit Dolls, the fabric sheets were a life saver! It really came in handy for adding the phrase to the back of the doll. Now, if you want something printed on some type of fabric other than plain white fabric, use the wax paper method, just be patience and have extra fabric handy. Plus, your printer could be different from mine, you might have better results the first time you try it. I would do a test run before running your good fabric through your printer.

See how the image is kinda of ‘grainy’ that’s due to the cheap muslin I used. The inkjet fabric sheets come out much cleaner.

The top one is from the inkjet fabric sheet and the bottom is plain computer paper. (This is from my shop here.) I know this picture isn’t too helpful in showing the different, but it does you give some idea.

In order to make these awesome magnets, you’ll need pinking shears, thin and small magnets, a plain fabric (I used muslin), a colored fabric, a bit of lace, and of course your images. The shop I bought the Frida images from has shut down, but the Magic Pug on Etsy has some similar. You could also use pictures of your kiddos to give to the grandparents as a Christmas present. Or pictures of your friends and family, so many possibilities with this.

Depending on the size of your picture is going to determine the size of your background fabrics. The muslin is about 3in cut out with the pinking shears, the pink is about 2 1/4in, also cut out with the pinking shears, then add your lace and image. I didn’t really measure my fabrics, I just eyeballed it. After you have your layers, just sew over the image. You will add another layer of sewing when you sew up your magnet. Next your going to make a pocket for your magnet.

Look at that lovely mess of thread. it just adds character! See that little square, well I just cut out a piece of muslin bigger than your image (so you don’t sew over your image) and your magnet. Sew up 3 sides, leave one side open to put in your magnet. After your magnet is in it’s new home, sew up the final side. After your magnet is in, check to see if you need to stitch down the ends of your lace. Congratulations! You have just made the best magnet ever! Any fridge would be happy to wear it! Super easy and quick! This also makes a great last minute gift. We all have extra fabric pieces and lace laying around, you might even have some pinking shears, and if your craft area is like mine, you might have some magnets hiding in there, somewhere.

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