Small Steps and Preps for a Hurricane

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So, this is from the National Hurricane Center on Monday, Sept 14th, at 7:03 pm. This is crazy guys and dolls! The peak months for hurricanes are August, September, and October, the peak week is the 2nd week in September. It is better to start prepping now than never start prepping. Prepping for a hurricane doesn’t have to cost you loads and loads, maybe just a couple of hundred dollars. But that ‘couple of hundred dollars’ doesn’t have to be all at once. Buy slowly, 1 or 2 things each time you get paid, prepping doesn’t have to break the bank.

The first thing you want to do is make an evacuation plan. Depending on where you live and/or where the hurricane hits, you might be able to shelter in place but never take that chance. If your city/county/town/area that you live in has an emergency system in place, get your cell number on their list. That way you’ll receive the emergency texts. Hurricanes can turn at any time, your life is not worth the just in case, or maybe we’ll be ok. Once the hurricane seems to be coming to your area, keep your vehicles filled up. Gas lines are real and start early. Also, keep some cash, electricity goes down and stores might be able to only accept cash. Make sure you have all your important documents together. Trim your trees, move your potted plants, patio furnitue, tie down your trampoline’s, if it can fly in strong wind, move it or tie it down.

We start prepping in June, instead of buying 2 things of water a week, I’ll buy 3 things of water. (We live in a town that the tap water isn’t safe to drink.) I’ll also buy 1 extra box of granola, beef jerky, box of pop tarts, canned chicken, canned vegetables, and canned fruit. We buy just a bit extra each grocery trip so it doesn’t cost an arm and leg at one time. It comes out to about $10 to $20 each week. We just rotate the boxes, I don’t buy anything we don’t normally eat. In November we have a bit less shopping to do.

If you live in a safe place to drink your tap water then I would get a water bob.

You can get this one from Amazon for $34.95 and it will hold 100 gallons. You can also fill your bathtubs up, this will even work if you can drink your city water. Undrinkable tub water would work to flush toilets, sometimes the city water will go down and you’ll still want to flush your toilet.

Make sure all cell phones are charged and any tablets, kiddos will get bored and you need to be able to make emergency phone calls. We have 4 battery banks, one for each person in the house. You can get a 2 pack of 10,000mah for $19.99 from Amazon, if you want some more power they have 30,000mah for 35.99. I picked one up a few weeks ago at Walmart on clearance, always check the clearance sections.

If you have a bar-b-Que pit, get propane or charcoal, or you can get this butane stove and it comes with fuel. I have never used it or a butane stove of any sort of that matter, so I can’t say how well it works, but it can heat up something for you to eat.

You for sure need flashlights and I would also include lanterns for power outages. Here are some fun, colorful flashlights for the kiddos. The kids will want their own flashlights, might as well get them in fun colors. Make sure you have batteries and extra batteries.

A first aid kit is good to keep in your car, but it always good to have an extra one, just in case. Hurricanes bring rain, lots and lots of rain, ponchos would be good to have on hand. I keep a few of the dollar ones in the car, which worked out great during an outdoor concert one time. We had people asking to buy them from us, poor wet people.

If cell towers go down or get overloaded, it would be a good idea to have an AM/FM radio, for entertainment, news, and reports. I would also head to the dollar store and pick up some puzzle books, puzzles, coloring books, pencils, pens, and some paper. Old school entertainment can’t be beaten!

You can fit this in a Rubbermaid container and put it away in a closet and hope to never have to use it. But it is there giving you peace of mind. Don’t forget to rotate your food. Please make sure you check out the National Hurricane Center for there recommendations for your prep list also.

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