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I Tried To Avocado Dye Paper…

Posted by thealchemyfactory
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So, when you avocado dye paper your supposed to get this awesome pretty blush pink color. Sort of like the color in the above picture. I saved many avocado halves and pits just to dye stacks and stacks of paper. I read the blogs and watched the videos, I was ready to dye my paper!

I cleaned 3 halves and 1 pit, you need to get all that yummy avocado flesh off before starting it boiling. Got my pot ready and filled it half way up with water.

I started it boiling and turned it to simmer. Can you see the pink starting??? I left it to simmer a while, about 20 minutes, and then lowered it a bit more for about another 30 minutes. While I was waiting, I gathered all my papers: graph paper, notebook paper, tags, guest checks, and columnar paper.

I laid them all out on a towel and was so excited for all my pretty pink paper. I took out my pits and seed and dumped my pretty pink water into a roasting pan that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. My oven was set at 275 degrees and my drying pan all ready for my freshly dipped papers. I dipped my first paper into that gorgeous pink water. AND NOTHING, the paper just came out wet!!!! Well, not to worry, I had some black cherry kool-aid that I added to the water. The dye session was saved!

I like to dry my dyed papers in the oven at 275 degrees for 5 to 15mins depending on the thickness of the paper. You can air dry it, but I like instant gratification. The paper curls and warps in the oven, so when I’m done, I iron them. I’m not giving up on avocado dying, I have some pits and skins in the fridge now!

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2 thoughts on “I Tried To Avocado Dye Paper…

  1. Ophelia

    Who knew blackberry kool-aid was so pretty?
    Will this work on fabric?

    1. thealchemyfactory

      I’m not sure if it would work on fabric. I should try it… Thank you for the idea my friend!

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