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3 Ingredient Brownies, Made by Mistake

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So I tried to make Lemon Whippersnaps and got some awesome brownies instead. I was cleaning out my cookbooks and of course, I had to look through them before they left my home. I found them, I believe, this cookbook, the Four Ingredient Cookbook. The cookbook didn’t make the cut, so it went off to a new home, but I took a picture of the Whippersnaps.

Now, you may be wondering how did I get brownies from lemon whippersnaps…..Well, I’m going to blame the ‘rona. I couldn’t find lemon cake mix. The recipe calls for lemon cake mix with pudding, but I couldn’t find any lemon cake mix. But I did find brownie mix!!!!!

Now the recipe calls for 1 egg, but I used two, cause I didn’t read it…. or pay attention when I did read it. Now you don’t need the powered sugar and I was a bit lazy to retake the pictures. (I know, not a very Pinterest friendly blog, but I’m trying)

I preheated the oven to 350, since that is what the brownie box said. And threw the ingredients into a bowl.

I used the whole 16oz tube of cool wipe, 2 eggs, and 1 box of brownie mix. I mixed it all together with a spoon.

Stir till it comes out all yummy and smooth. Remember there is 2 eggs, so no eating the batter. (Who am I to talk……but still, raw eggs and all that jazz.)

The lemon whippersnaps were going to be cookies….so, still trying to follow the directions, I went with cookies. (Again, not real Pinterest worthly.)

And that cookie thing didn’t really work….BUT! Don’t worry! All those yummy broken pieces ended up warmed and ice cream was put on top and it is so freaking good! Like for reals good and yummy!

Since the cookies clearly didn’t work, I busted out my brownie pan! I cooked it at 350 for about 20 to 30mins. I forgot to check my time. Just keep an eye out!

These brownies came out fabulous! Nice chewy, crispy edges, and yummy fluffiness in the middle! So freaking good! (Again, sorry for the crappy pictures.) I’m going to make the lemon whippersnaps one day! Enjoy!

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