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Fabric Clusters or Fabric Snippets, Either Way Works

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Fabric clusters or fabric snippets whichever way floats your boat, to me, they are the same. These colorful fabric bunches are a great addition to any junk journal, tag, or journaling card. They would be easy to turn into a brooch also. There are so many different ways to make them. I’m going to show you a few ways to make them and one doesn’t even involve a needle and thread.

Each cluster/snippet is usually 3 or more layers of fabric or lace or paper, or even all 3 at once. It is a bit hard to sew through when you have 4 or more layers. I have done up to 5 layers though. The great thing is, they can be any size you want, made out of any material that you want. They make great scrap busters too.

You can stitch them to hold them together, some of them call it slow stitching. See the butterfly, I stitched the layers down first and then stitched down the butterfly. The butterfly was printed on inkjet fabric sheets.

I use fabric scraps from other projects, if it’s at least 1in or bigger, I save that fabric scrap! Before I stitch them, I cut them down to size with pinking shears or you can leave them with the raw edge. I use embroidery floss to stitch them together. Embroidery floss comes with 6 strands of floss, I use 3 to stitch with.

The stitch is just your basic in and out stitch. It might have a technical term, but I have no idea what that term is.

You can also use your sewing machine to make them. The top on is a straight stitch and I just moved it around. The second on is done with the quilt stitch on my sewing machine. I really should have made my stitches longer before starting, but I’m kinda of lazy and just leave things as they are.

These are super easy, just sew on a button. Put your layers together and find a pleasing button and sew it one. This way your fabric has some movement. It’s still tacked down, but with some flow. I did no other sewing, just added the button, super easy.

This is the easiest! Just layer and staple! I cut and layered my fabrics and added a paper image. You could staple a fabric image too. But zero sewing! The kitty image came from Lisa’s Altered Art on Etsy. Super cute, fast, and easy, my 3 favorite crafting words!

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