Easy Altered Playing Cards

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I love to just randomly scroll through Instagram. You can find some wonderful ideas, so much good eye candy on there. You can find me on there @thealchemyfactory. I’m not the best poster, but I’m trying to get better. Any who…..I saw some lovely altered playing cards by @countrymorningcreations. She gave a brief explanation of how she did, so of course, I had to make them too! Super easy and quick.

First, you need to get the back of the playing card figured out. I wanted to make these into journaling cards. I went through my coffee dyed papers and found this grid paper. Sometimes you just need some lines. I did a zig-zag stitch around the card and the paper. Ended up making about 12 of them. The paper will only fit 9, but I had a groove going.

I printed this digital collage sheet from Vintagebyme on Etsy on sticker paper. I used the glossy paper setting on my printer to print on the sticker sheets.

I slowly pulled back the sticker part and laid my playing cards face up. I did it in small sections at a time. There was a real fear of making a sticky mess.

After getting them all down, I went over them with my brayer. I wanted to make sure the sticker paper was stuck.

Just trim the excess sticker paper off! Easy altered playing cards!

Of course I just couldn’t do playing cards, I also did some coffee dyed paper scraps, a tag, and a coffee dyed note card. Whatever you do, don’t try and use a punch with the sticker paper. It gets caught in your punch and all sorts of colorful words come out. Just as your about to throw the punch away, it will finally get unstuck.

Have fun making your altered journal cards! They will look wonderful in your journal. You can even match them with your paper! Enjoy!

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