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Coffee Dye verus Tea Dyeing, The Ultimate Stand-Off

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It’s not really the ultimate stand-off, cause there is always stuff to dye and different papers take to dyes differently. I dyed some ledger paper, muslin cloth, note cards, and grid paper in both the tea and coffee. I used Lipton tea and instant coffee for my dye baths. I put 5 bags of tea in my dollar tree roasting pan and added boiling water. After the tea seaped for a bit, or until the water cooled, I took the bag out and added my papers. For the coffee dying, I added a layer of instant coffee to my roasting pan and than added the boiling water. After the water was safe enough or cool enough, I added my papers. I put my dyed papers in the oven at 275 degrees for a few minutes. I had some issues with getting the pictures to come out, but I tried.

I love the look of the coffee dye ledger paper, which is the darker paper. To me, the tea dyed ledger paper is good, just not as ‘aged’ as the coffee dyed paper.

I like the darkness of the coffee dyed paper than the tea dyed paper. I think the oven gives it a darker edge, my I’m not sure if that is true.

The tea keep the lines on note cards way better than the tea dyed cards did.

Now the tea-dyed muslin is so much prettier than the coffee dyed muslin. I know it’s hard to tell in the picture, but the tea dye. It has a lovely pinkish tone to it. My dear friend loved to tea dye clothes for that lovely pinkish color. I have read that you need to add vinegar to the coffee dye when you dye fabric with coffee. I did not add vinegar, but it came out just fine.

The base for this tag is a coffee dyed tag. The images came from Lisa’s Altered Art.

I just used some rice paper to make this journal card. It was super easy to make. I like the ‘hairs’ when you tear rice paper. The butterflies are covered with stormy sky distress ink. Enjoy!

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