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Printing on Tissue Paper, or Even Better, Printing on Sewing Patterns

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This tag and altered playing card was made by printing on a pattern. A thin, tissue paper sewing pattern. Yes, you can print on tissue paper. It is quick and easy! You will need your printer, plain printer paper, a glue stick (it is easier to use a colored one like a UHU Stic), a brayer, tissue paper (any kind of tissue paper will work, but you do not want it rumbled and crumbled, it could be hard on your printer). For this project, I used sewing patterned paper. You can pick up sewing patterns from garage sales, thrift stores, or goodwill pretty cheap.

You are going to go around the edges of your printer paper with your glue stick. The reason you want a colored one, is so that it is easier to see where you have been with the glue. Then you are going to lay the pattern on the paper, make sure the right side is up, and not being glued down. You’ll want to bray as you put it down to get it as smooth as possible. Don’t freak out if there is wrinkles, cause there will be wrinkles. Make sure you know how your printer prints. Then print your image out!

This image came from Lisa’s Altered Art. Try not to print anything on the tissue paper that is too small. It is harder to cut out the images on tissue paper than it is regular paper.

I love the transparent look of the tissue paper compared to the regular paper. Plus the pattern paper gives it an ‘aged’ look to it.

Since I used embossed this tag, I sewed some tea dyed paper on the back for journaling. Enjoy!

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