Easy to Make Cutter Quilt Cuff and/or A Watch

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On Monday I posted on how to make tags with a cutter quilt, you can find that post here. Today I have some easy to make wrist jewelry. You can make a watch or a cuff or both! These make perfect Christmas gifts!

Your going to start off by measuring your wrist to get the length for your watch or cuff. After you have your length you’ll want to cut it about 1in to 1 1/2in wide. If you have a wrist tattoo and have to hide it for work, cut the width wide enough to cover it. Years ago the hospital I worked at had everyone cover their tattoos. Now days most businesses do not care, but there is still some that would prefer your artwork covered.

After you have your cuff cut out, you’ll want to sew up the sides, I just used a cream-colored thread. You could use a coordinating or contrasting thread.

If you are making the watch, I would add the snaps before adding the watch face.

I have this snap set. It comes with the snap setter, you’ll just need a hammer. You’ll put a small hole on each end, for the snaps, with an Exacto knife.

If you are making the cuff, then your done! You can add buttons, yo-yo’s with buttons, or you can even slow stitch on them!

If you are making a watch, you’ll need about a 1/8in or 1/4in wide lace to attach the the watch face to the quilt.

You’ll loop the lace through the watch face and sew it down. I would go over it at least twice. Don’t worry, there will be enough room for the watch face to turn so you can change the battery. You can get watch faces here.

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