Cutter Quilt Hair Bow with Vintage Lace

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Today I have a quick, easy, and more importantly, a cute project with old cutter quilts. A simple hair bow! In case you missed the other cutter quilt projects, you can find them here and here.

These are easy to make and can be made with a scrap piece of quilt. I cut this out to about 3in long and 2in wide. If you want yours bigger, I would cut it out in a rectangle shape, not a square shape. A rectangle shape will give you the bow shape after you tack sew it down.

When you get it cut out, sew up the edges with a coordinating thread. I just used a cream colored thread for this bow. Once you have your sides sewn up, you are going to do some hand sewing.

You are going to pinch the ends together to get that kind of lip shape, or at least that is what I’m going to call it. You’ll take a needle and thread and just go up and down, top to bottom, maybe 3 to 5 times to set it in place.

Once you have the basic bow shape you are going to glue the barrette clip part to the back of the bow. These are similar to the ones I used. You can also pick them up at a craft store, or sometimes even Walmart if you don’t have a craft store close by.

I used Art Glitter Glue to glue the barrette to the quilt since it works with both metal and fabric. In the past, I have used E6000 and hot glue. Make sure you don’t glue the barrette closed when you glue it to the quilt. You can put a piece of foil or wax paper in the middle of the barrette to prevent that from happening, like we do for the next part of adding the lace.

Wrap you lace around the front, with the ends in the back. Make sure your lace is long enough to over lap to give it a better hold. Put a dab of glue in the front, art glitter glue dries clear so you won’t have to worry about seeing it under the lace in the front of the bow. If you are using hot glue, I would NOT put a dab of glue in the front, you might see it through the lace. You don’t just have to use lace for the middle part, you could also use a small strip of fabric.

When you glue the lace in the back, you will definitely need either wax paper or foil. You’ll put glue on the bottom part of the barrette, the part that is glued down on the quilt and wrap the lace around. Put your wax paper or foil down and close the barrette and make yourself some coffee or tea while you wait for your new bow to dry! Enjoy!

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