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Remake your unwanted or ulgy buttons

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When I started making fabric snippets, I was going through my buttons and found several I didn’t like the look of. They were cute, but just not the aesthetic that I was looking for. I started setting all the ‘ugly’ buttons to the side. So I was watching YouTube the other day and The Paper Outpost’s video ‘How to Recreate the Button’. Perfection! I now had some ideas on what to do with my ‘ugly’ buttons.

Here’s our ‘before’ picture. I started off with 5 buttons, but really ended up doing 4.

I inked up a thin dictionary page with vintage photo.

I sanded the blue one with 60 grit course sandpaper. I was going to sand the brown one, but changed my mind.

I used art glitter glue and covered the top and the edges. Then folded in the paper to the edges and rolled it on my table to kind of smooth down the edges. After it dried for a bit, I cut off the edges and sanded them down. I inked up the edges and all around with vintage photo. Don’t forget to poke the button holes with a needle or a small pair of scissors.

For the brown button I didn’t sand it. I used Tim Holtz’s Distress Collage Medium in vintage and tissue paper I picked up from the Dollar Tree.

I just put a thin layer of the medium down and 1 layer of tissue paper, I did that 4 times.

After it dried, I cut the tissue paper and sanded the edges down. Of course I had to add ink up the edges with vintage photo.

For the pinkish/peach one, I added a thin layer of the vintage collage medium and mixed the blue and silver pearl ex. I picked up this pearl ex at Hobby Lobby years, literally years ago. You don’t need much with pearl ex and it will last forever.

I added lace to the pearl ex button and the brown button with the collage medium. I wasn’t sure if the medium would hold the lace, but it did a great job!

Enjoy making your old buttons into new buttons!

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