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3 Book Pages, Turned into 1 Pocket, with 3 Pockets Inside

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This journal pocket is super easy to make and it only takes 3 book pages! You can cut them to any size you would like, but this one is 6 1/2in long and 4 1/2in wide.

You will need 2 full pages for the back, 1 page 4in long by 4 1/2in wide, and 1 page 2in long by 4 1/2in wide. See the half circles on top? Don’t put the half-circle on one of the full pages, it is the back of your pocket.

The half circle is easy to make with a circle punch. They can be any size you want! Whatever size circle punch you have on hand, or near by will work great! Just put the middle of the paper half way down the middle of the punch.

Of course we are going to ink up the sides with vintage photo distressed ink.

Once everything is inked up, line all your pockets up the 2 tall, the 4in tall, and then the 2in tall, and sew them all together. You can use your zig-zag stitch, straight stitch, or whatever stitch floats your boat.

If you use this for a journal, you can just glue 2 sides down and make it a tuck spot! Enjoy!

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