Making Your Own Molds is Easy Peasy

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The longer I thought about this post, the more I realize it’s more of a product recommendation instead of a tutorial. I have had this Easy Mold Silicone Putty for about 5 years now, at least. When I first bought it I made a couple of molds and then forgot about it. I know I’m not alone in the crafting world of buying something because it looks awesome and then forgetting about it.

I was afraid that it wouldn’t work, considering how long it has been sitting. But nope! It worked perfectly! The compounds that you blend together were, oily, I guess that would be a good word for it and they did take a bit longer to blend together, but at least it worked!

See how it’s a bit oily/greasy? When you buy it fresh and use it immediately, it doesn’t look like that, nor does it feel slimy. It comes with 2 compounds, a white one and a purple one. You want to use equals parts. I measured mine out to 2oz each.

You are going to blend and blend and blend it together in your hands. See the marbling affect in this picture? It’s not done yet, keep blending until it is one solid color, which will be a purple. Make sure you have your objects that you want to make into a mold ready to go. This stuff only has a 25 minute cure time. So as soon as it’s blended, you want to place your item in.

I just (shoved) gently placed my frozen Charlotte doll into the mold. I slightly shaped my ball into the doll’s shape.

Then you just let your items rest in the mold for 25 mins. Go take a nap! I kept mine in longer cause I got distracted and kinda of forgot them. The mold stuff will not ruin your original item. I have even left stuff in overtime and no damage done!

For this mold I used a vintage chandelier star shaped crystal, there was a hole in the middle. I was a bit worried about that middle part, but the scissors cut it off wonderfully! Just my regular scissors.

I love how you can see the detail in the picture! I have a plan with this one, but haven’t had a chance to make it yet. (You know how to make God laugh…..make a plan)

I popped in some polymer clay and it came out wonderfully! The mold is flexible, so it make it easy to take it out. It is a silicone putty and it says that is safe to use with food, but I have tried it. Enjoy!

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