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If you can sew and have wanted to start making junk journals, starting with a fabric one is easy. You can sew paper and material together easily. I did this one with 3 signatures, with each signature having 4 pages mixed with paper and fabric, for a total of 8 pages in each signature.

I cut a piece of muslin about 10in x 6in for the cover. For the pages, I cut a mix of paper and fabric about 9 1/2in x 5 1/2in. I didn’t sew around the edges of the cover. To prevent fraying, you could sew around the edges or cut the edges with pinking shears. I like the frayed look, plus I can be kind of lazy, so I left it.

I sewed the lace tie around the front and back. The front tie was done before putting the Frida on the front. I just layered fabric strips on a piece of muslin and put Frida in the middle.

I glued paper to the fabric with Fabri-Tac.

For the pages with fabric and lace pockets, I sew those to the fabric before sewing them into the signatures. I have a couple of pages that I use for needle holders for this book.

I also like to use this book to learn new stitches. I started cross stitching really young, like 6 or so. My grandmother taught me loads of crafty goodness before I was 10. I never mastered the art of the french knot. Nana had problems with it too. This is my practice page for the french knot.

There will will a gap between the signatures. There is always a gap, even with paper junk journals. Don’t worry about the gap, everyone has a gap in their books.

This was a fun tag that I just had to put in! I just sewed it to the page. Don’t be afraid to make a junk journal! Paper, fabric, whatever! I use this one as an idea book for stitches and future projects. Enjoy!

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