Unique 8mm Film Earring

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Easy to make with a vintage twist, 8mm earring

Over the years I have squired loads of 8mm film reels. Either from family or from picking them up an estate sales. I have a love of old family photos that have been outcasted for whatever reason. I want to give them a new home and a new life. Old photos and old film are so wonderful to use in your crafts.

I started selling 8mm film in my shop The Alchemy Factory, so I don’t become a hoarder of film. So you don’t become a hoarder, I offer 3yds, 6yds, or 9yds. If you want to make these earrings, 3yds is a good amount. You really don’t even need that much.

To make these super light-weight earrings you’ll need 2 ribbon/cord ends, 2 earring wires, you don’t need it but I used it, Vintaj patina to color the ribbon ends, I used petalite, and you’ll need about 25in of 8mm film. It would be good to have needle-nose jewelry pliers.

After I painted the patina to the ribbon end (which I forgot to take a picture of) I cut out my 8mm film. The Vintaj patina doesn’t take very long to dry. I put about 3 coats on the ribbon end. I just put in on with a paint brush.

For 1 earring I cut out 2 4in of film, 2 3in of film and 1 2 1/2in of film. So for both earrings, you will need 2 sets, unless you only want 1 earring, that’s part of the joy of making your own jewelry there is on one to tell you how many to make or wear.

I placed the 4in on the outside, then the 3in, and the 2 1/2in in the middle. The 8mm is slick, unlike a ribbon or cord, you will need glue to hold the film to the ribbon end, I used Art Glitter Glue. After it was glued, I clamped it down with my jewelry pliers.

Just open the earring wire at the bottom and slip the ribbon end hole into the earring bottom thing (they may have real terms, but I can’t think of them).

These are really cute and fairly inexpensive to make. Most crafters have all the supplies on hand, if you don’t, you can make it work with what you have. You could make these in bulk and give them as Christmas gifts or sell them a craft shows. Enjoy!

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