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Adorable Quilt Gift Tags for Those Handmade Gifts

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Remember the post about the large cutter quilt tags? Well here are some mini ones!

When I was making the larger tags I still had some nice sized pieces of quilt left. The hoarder in me and the crafter in me, could not throw them out! I knew, at some point, I would come up with another idea for them! And here it is!

These guys measure about 2 3/4in long and about 1 1/2in wide. You can make them any size that you want!

They are going to be so cute on top of a present, just an added touch to bring that specialnish (I made this word up) to your gift.

To get started your going to need tags, make your own, or buy some and lay them out on your quilt scrap. You might need to move them around to get the most bang for your quilt space.

After you have all your tags sewn down, you cut them out.

Before you sew them, you can add ink to the tag. Personally, I didn’t like the inked edges. But it is an option if you like it.

In order to get the thread through the top of the tag, you are going to need a needle with a large(ish) eye. You are going to double layer your thread through the eye. I used about 11in of thread. As in the picture above.

Then you will pull the needle through the tag, you might need to press the needle on the table to get it in and you might need to pull it through with your needle-nose pilers. It depends on the thickness of the quilt you are using.

Don’t pull the thread all the way through! Your going to go through the hoop/hole in the thread, that is why we double layered the thread. Pull it through.

Then you will tie a little knot in the thread! I hope that made sense, please let me know if you have any questions! If you don’t want to make your own, I offer them here. And you have an adorable gift tag! Enjoy!

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