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Christmas Tree Gift Tags Made with Fabric Scraps

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I love working with fabric scraps! I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a hoarding problem, everything has a use. I try to make good use of all the fabric scraps. I make dammit dolls and end up with quite a bit of fabric scraps from them. The folk art style fabric I use to make the dammit dolls seemed to make cute Christmas trees. These are easy to make in bulk and would look adorable on top of a present.

To start, you will need to gather fabric scraps, anywhere from 3 to 10 different colors would work. I used 6 different colors. Once you have all your colors together you are going to want to cut them about 1/2in to 1in wide.

I used a roll of joint tape, used to tape the space in-between sheet rock when you are making walls in a home or building. I picked this roll up at a garage sale for about $1. You could also use paper or register tape, it needs to be at least 2in wide, to give you some wiggle room when you make the trees.

You are going to lay the scraps on your base and sew down the middle. I just tried to make sure the same color wasn’t right next to each other. Once you have the middle sewn line, you’ll want to sew down each side.

You’ll need to make a tag base, or you can buy some from Hobby Lobby or Amazon, or even better, if you have a local craft store, buy from them! I made a tag base (no local craft store in my small town). My tags measure about 4 1/4in tall by 2 1/8in wide. You need the tag size to determine the size of your Christmas tree. Since I wanted some room on the side of the tree, I made my tree triangle 1 1/2in wide.

Since I decieded to make my tree triangle 1 1/2in wide, I drew a line that long and marked the middle at 3/4in.

I made my tree 3 3/4in tall, which gives me a bit of wiggle room at the top and bottom of my 4 1/4in tall tag. I put a dot at 3 3/4in tall, in line with my dot in the middle of my 1 1/2in line. This is going to help give the sides of my tree template.

Use a ruler to make your tree sides, like the picture above.

Once you have your tree triangle, cut it out for your tree template.

You’ll use your template to cut the trees out for your tags. It is easier to cut them from the back.

The sew line will be wonky, it’s ok! You’ll need to sew the edges down.

Sewing the edges, keeps the fabric down, you could also use glue, but I like the look of the thread.

I cut a bit on 1/2in wide ribbon about 1/4in to make the base of the tree.

Glue the tree base first, then you will glue your scrappy tree down.

I glue a flat-back pearl I picked up at Walmart for $1 for a pack, for the tree topper. I also inked up the edges with Forest Moss distressed ink.

The ribbon is sewn on top. I cut the ribbon about 2in long. These are easy to make in bulk and helps get rid of your fabric scraps, plus they are adorable! If you don’t want to make any, I offer them in my shop. Enjoy!

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