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Finished Mini Christmas Junk Journal

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Hey guys and dolls! Remember the journal cover from Monday, well I filled it with wonderful papers! Before I put those wonderful papers in it, I did some more work on the inside.

I didn’t like the color on the edges. It was more spring than Christmas, so I found some red paint to fix it.

That is way more Christmasy. I added a pocket to the back and front also.

In the front pocket I added a small journal card with a bit of lace and a lovely girl.

In the back pocket, there is a small notebook in the pocket. Since this journal is small, 3 3/4in x 3 3/4in, I wanted some extra journaling spots. Also, due to it’s size, I didn’t do much decorating on the inside.

I did add stencils to the back of the scrapbook paper that was plain on the back. When you use paint, ink, or sprays in your journals, make sure you wait for 24hrs before using a pen with them. The color, if it’s not dry completely, will kill your pen. I took a class with Dyan Reaveley a few years ago (yes, she is very awesome) and she really stressed waiting for everything to dry before taking a pen to wonderfully decorated paper.

I seem to ALWAYS put papers in upside down. It may become my signature for my junk journals. This little journal is perfect for a December Daily, or note for projects that you want to make next year.

If you are wanting to start making junk journals, but are overwhelmed, start small and work your way up! Enjoy!

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