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Vintage Hexagon Quilt Junk Journal Cover

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When my fabulous friend was cleaning out her ‘she shed’, she gifted me with TONS and I mean TONS of goodies! The other day I was looking for some lace in one of my goodie boxes and found these awesome hexies. They are hand-stitched and the fabric is from the 70s for sure, maybe from the 60s too. These beauties were begging me to turn them into something else.

Since these are very vintage, the person who made them, didn’t have all the tools that we have now, like a cricut or an accu-quilt to preciously cut all your pieces out. They are also hand-stitched, so they are a bit wonky. The one I’m working on now, measures about 10in x 10 1/2in.

You need to square it up or rectangle it up, to make it into a journal cover. I folded it in half and cut off the ends.

You are going to trim up/straighten up the ends and than the side.

You won’t be trimming as much off the edge as you do the ends.

This piece came out to about 8 1/2in x 5in. I took Fabric Tac glue and glued the middle because I wanted to sew around the edges. Now, you might be able to sew over fabric tac glue after it dries, but I couldn’t find a for sure yes or no on the world wide web and I have ruined a sewing machine sewing over glue that I wasn’t supposed to. So I didn’t want to take a chance.

I did a zig-zag stitch around the edges. I did wait overnight before I sewed around the edges, just in case. On Wednesday I’ll have some more work on this one! Enjoy!

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