Plaster of Paris Embellishments

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Making your own embellishments can be easy. Plaster of Paris is inexpensive and easy to find. You can pick some up at Amazon (the link will take you directly there) or a home improvement store or some Walmarts carry it.

You will want to use a flexible, silicone/rubber mold for the Plaster of Paris.

I tried to use a plastic mold, without a release agent and that didn’t work out so well. 2 of the skulls came out fine. The other 4 did not. They refused to leave their home. My youngest son recently got them out, but it took him a bit. So I would stick with the silicone molds for this project.

You’ll need something to mix the plaster of paris in, a spoon, and tap water. I used an Easter cup that I got on clearance to mix mine in.

According to the box, you will mix 2 parts of plaster of paris with 1 part water. An example would be 1/2 cup of plaster of paris and 1/4 cup of water. You are going to want to start off with a small amount, you will need to use what you make within 10 minutes. It will start to set quick.

Personally, I pour a bit of the plaster in my cup and then pour a bit of water and mix.

You want a smooth consistency, like yogurt.

Pour your plaster of paris mix into your mold about 1/2 full, then give the mold a tap to get out the air bubbles. Fill the rest of your mold, and give it another light tap.

Wait about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your mold to remove the design from the mold. Let it sit out for about 24 hours to be fully dried.

You will have some extra plaster of paris on the sides and back of your new embellishment. It is really easy to get rid of. I used fine grit sandpaper and my scissors to sand down the sides and back of my pieces. You can wet/dampen your sand paper to help keep the dust down.

Plaster of Paris takes paint really well. Plus, while the paint is still wet, you can wipe the excess off to help give your design an ‘aged’ look to it.

I started with black paint and wiped most off on the doll above. Then I went with the green and then blue, wiping the paint each time.

Them compass on the bottom, I colored it with distress ink.

Besides paint, you could also decoupage with paper, tissue paper, lace, or whatever will stick to it! Have fun making new embellishments! Enjoy!

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