Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Thank you for joining me on this little crafty journey with me! Here’s to a better year than 2020, I’m glad to see it go!

My goals for this new year are to start a YouTube channel and to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

I have registered for my last 4 classes towards my bachelor’s degree and I have started my YouTube channel (no videos yet), so hopefully, both should be easily accomplished.

When making New Years resolutions, keep them simple. Or make them were they can be done in small steps. Instead of saying I want to lose 40 pounds, instead say I will start walking 1 mile 3x a week. (I could stand to lose weight, but I stopped making that a resolution years ago.) It is easy to give up on something when it seems to big to handle. Don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t get done. Every day is a fresh start!

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