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Good Morning Merry Sunshines’! For today’s What’s New, I have a new bag and new digitals! You can find these and more over at The Alchemy Factory on Etsy.

As with all my bags, you can order this bag in black with white lettering or natural with black lettering.

Being a psychology major, I find it so funny that Ted Bundy was also a psychology major. He graduated with a psychology degree from the University of Washington. He did want to be a lawyer and having a psychology degree does help you get into law school. Some people feel his degree did help with him luring his victims to him.

For me, Ted Bundy is a classic psychopath. Psychopaths do not have empathy for others. They can learn to ‘mimic’ empathy, but they truly don’t understand what empathy is. Bundy has been described as empathic, but I feel he was pretending to be understanding of others, not really feeling as others feel.

Bundy has told Ann Rule he didn’t understand social interactions, but others, like classmates and teachers, will tell a different story. They found him likable and sociable.

I love true crime! I could go on and on about Bundy, but that’s not why we are here today. This Bundy bag can be found here.

I also listed a little collection of Tim Holtz baseboard collection. You can pick from the Baseboard Dolls or Baseboard Junk Drawer.

Each of these packs are made with thick chip board. They are great for when you are trying to make something pop. Each piece is thick enough to pop off a page or project. Enjoy!

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